Thursday, May 9, 2013

Almost managed to swim last weekend

I visited The Ledges on both Saturday and Sunday last weekend.  Weather was sunny and dry both days, with cold mornings but fine afternoons.  Even though the front gate is closed, and the leaves on the trees are just starting to appear, plenty of people turned up; mostly regulars, but a couple of unfamiliar faces.  The water, however inviting, was just too cold for anything other than a quick, breathless splash.

Conditions at the beach, though, are excellent this year.  Almost no winter damage at all, and the water level was still low, meaning there was a lot of beach to use.  Sun was intense - I got a bit of a burn - but on the whole it felt great to be out again after a long cold winter.  I'm sure the water level will rise, but with luck (since it's been pretty dry) it won't come up much between now and the first traditional beach days on Memorial Day weekend.  In any case, I'll keep an eye peeled for you. ;-)