Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some good news

I stopped by at the Ledges two weeks ago.  We've been having unusually warm and dry spring weather, and I wanted to check out how things stood after last fall's hurricane.

The good news is that the cleanup has been completed.  It is (nearly) impossible now to tell that the lake was basically a disaster zone for most of September and October.  The only signs of how it was that remain are some conveniently-placed log bridges that were not there before, and a new picnic table right alongside the entrance path.

Lake level was very low, however.  Part of that was the drought, but also I was told that the State of Vermont had been looking for a tank that satellite photos had identified as having washed into the reservoir, and wanted to fish it out.  I don't know if they found it or not.  Water level is almost certainly up now, since we've had a significant amount of rainfall since early April.

Indeed, the State apparently worked tirelessly all winter removing debris so that the summer season would be as beautiful and pleasant as always.  Kudos!

In a few short weeks they will be opening the main gate so that people can park in the recreation area.  The entrance road is not good - too much traffic during mud season - but perhaps they'll grade it before Memorial Day.  Looking forward to seeing you there this summer!

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