Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor-Day Barbeque

Labor Day has come and gone.  I can hardly believe the summer passed so quickly!

Labor Day weekend at The Ledges is a special weekend.  Unless a natural disaster strikes (e.g. Hurricane Irene), it is traditional for folks to bring a potluck dinner on the Sunday afternoon before the holiday - or on Monday afternoon if Sunday is rained out.  Food is usually plentiful and good, and the festivities tend to involve progressively sillier activities - for instance, hula hoops and not-very-in-tune guitar playing - as the evening wears on.

This year the weather was quite good, and there were many familiar faces of regulars present, along with their extended families.  I was surprised, though, at how few non-regulars stopped by, given how perfect the weather was.  Water is still perfect, and the water level is still high enough to dive off of the cliff (as long you aim away from the big underwater boulder to the left).  I guess summer now ends before Labor Day for too many people.

It is looking, though, like a warm fall, which means we may well be swimming well into October.  Trees have not even developed a hint of color, which is unusual for this time of year.  If you are visiting the Vermont foliage, make a point of stopping in.

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