Monday, May 26, 2014

Thank goodness winter is finally over

Winter has finally gone.  And a long, cold Winter it was -- followed then by a cool, rainy Spring.  There was so much cold and rain that many of the trees still aren't leafed out, and climate-wise I'd guess that southern Vermont is running about two weeks or more behind.

On the other hand, the power company that owns the Harriman Dam seems to have taken pity on us.  With the rain we've gotten, in years past the lake would be brimming, and visitors to The Ledges would typically be finding spots mostly in the woods.  But on Memorial Day weekend, which is usually the start of the summer season, to my surprise the lake levels were very good -- a good part of the main rock is out of the water, even.  Weather Saturday was rainy, but Sunday was fabulous -- sunny, moderately warm (70's), and with even a few visitors from Chelmsford Massachusetts who were new to the place.  Water temperatures, though, are a very chilly mid-50's (although one person claimed 64, which was totally unbelievable based on my highly-tuned foot sensors).  Monday was warmer still, but with little sun.  Still, I'm planning to attempt full immersion next weekend, weather permitting.  Stay tuned!  Or better yet, stop by!

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