Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heat wave

Heat waves happen pretty much every summer.  Last weekend's (July 21-23) was the first of this year.  I had some vacation days saved up so I took Thursday and Friday off, figuring it would be better to be immersed than stuck inside with the air conditioning on.

I visited The Ledges each day.  When it is hot the water drops faster, because of the increased electricity demand.  On Friday it dropped an entire foot.  There's now a substantial amount of sandy beach available, and plenty of rock surface also, so the beach real-estate crunch is over.  We also had a number of new people drop in to jump and dive off the cliff.  Perhaps the most memorable was a group of camp counselors who were on a 2-day inter-term, from some camp in Maine.  They were on a tight schedule but they seemed like they had a lot of fun nevertheless.  (I think they taught the local teenagers a thing or two while they were at it.)

Weather looks good again this weekend.  Hope to meet you there!

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