Monday, July 11, 2011

Upcoming weekend of July 16 and 17

I visited The Ledges on both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  Water level was still pretty high, but it has started to fall rapidly now.  Hot weather means that the dam operators put the water to use in generating electricity for all those air conditioners, so on really hot days the water level can drop by an entire foot.

The top of the lower ledge is now poking out of the water, enough so that you can set a few towels on it and not regret it.  This was good because we needed all the space we could get, especially on Sunday, which was a rare beauty of a day.  So many people showed up that I was tripping over people who'd set up on some of the paths, and I would have made a lot of money charging berthing fees for the boats that were anchored.  Parking was difficult too - cars on both sides of the road quite a ways up towards the intersection.  There were all the usual regulars, plus some newbies.  Saturday was nice also, but much windier, and swimming into the wind reminded me more of the ocean than a lake.

This upcoming weekend looks really good so far.  I'm hoping for more real estate, since it's going to be hot all week, and it is forecast to be sunny both weekend days.  Hope to see you there!

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