Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer in full swing

This past weekend at The Ledges was terrific.  Water level is descending (though still somewhat high for this time of year), but most importantly lots of new and interesting people came by.

Despite the fact that Saturday's weather was less than ideal, we had young visitors from the Bennington area who had such a great time over the July 4th weekend that they decided to return despite cool and occasionally drizzly conditions.  AND they came back Sunday morning also.  Never having swum without swimsuits before, by Sunday it was clear they totally got religion about nude recreation.  I have a feeling they'll be back again.

On Sunday, long-time Ledges alumni from Auburn MA and the general Boston area came by.  I'd never met them before but they were cool.  And, later in the afternoon, a group of eleven post-college women showed up from Chelsea and Charleston Mass.  Great fun, lots of cliff diving and rope swing activity.

Awesome folks with an awesome attitude.  Special mention goes to the girl with mermaid flippers, who shot amazingly high out of the water with apparent ease.

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