Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Excellent prospects

I haven't written a post for two weeks because I've basically been having too much fun.  So, my apologies, and I will try to do better.

Weather was perfect (and very hot) two weekends ago.  Lake level dropped almost six inches a day, and we now have most of the main ledge available, some significant amount of beach, and some of the stone enclosures on the south side of the naturist area available (and in use!).  On Saturday there were quite a number of new visitors, including an engaged couple hailing from Vermont and Alaska.  The Alaskan had (I gather) never enjoyed nude recreation before and totally loved it.  (The Vermonter was "yeah, I've been swimming naked since I was born, big deal." ;-) )  They made a repeat visit on that Sunday as well.

This past Saturday was great weatherwise too - maybe not as hot, but certainly with plenty of sun.  People seemed to take the Sunday forecast into account, and timed things to show up Saturday instead.  The parking lot was almost full by 12 PM.  Once again, there were a lot of people I did not know, including a first-time group from Keene, NH, who came along at the invitation of their neighbors, and a number of first-time couples I did not get a chance to talk to.  But those I did talk to were generally enthusiastic, and I think we will be seeing them again as well.

It's mildly interesting to me how people react to being naked in public for the first time.  Some people just have no problem with it whatsoever, and some require quite a bit of courage (in liquid form, often) before they try this - but then they're just thrilled at how comfortable and natural they feel.  Nonetheless, I've met a very small number who seem to have real trouble managing even after they get naked.  The female member of one couple this past Saturday definitely had issues of this kind; while her boyfriend was gregarious and clearly comfortable in his skin, she was clearly NOT comfortable, to the extent that she did not even seem willing to chat.  Obviously, if you discover that that's how you feel, there's no point in pushing the matter - nude recreation is not for everyone (strange as that seems to me...)  But I don't think you will really know until you give it a try.

For those who like jumping off the rope swing, the water level is still plenty high for that.  The other jumping-off place by the spruce tree, though, is probably too shallow now to jump off of safely.

I am looking forward to this coming weekend.  I will be taking Friday off, and if weather is good, Thursday afternoon as well.  See you there!

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