Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Cooler now

Last weekend the weather took a bit of a turn in a cooler, sunny-but-windy direction.  Water temps have dropped to about 75 degrees from their former high of 82 a few weeks ago.  But there's now much more beach available, which means at least that there are good places to set up that are screened a bit from the wind.

A fair number of new couples I'd never met before appeared last weekend.  There was a pair from Stoneham, MA who were very nice, who appeared both Friday and Saturday.  Another pair from Monson, MA stopped by to visit Mt. Snow, get massages, and go jet-skiing.  But they also happened to go to The Ledges on both days as well.

On a more somber note - the lake level is now low enough so that if you jump off the cliff by the spruce tree over the main rock you WILL injure yourself.  A young man did this Friday afternoon, without looking or asking anyone, and reportedly broke his arm.  Please, if you aren't sure, JUST ASK.  As of last weekend, it was still safe to jump off the rope swing, however.

We've also gotten reports from the Sheriff's Department that more than one person using the TransCanada picnic areas have called to complain that they can see naked people over in the Ledges area.  While this makes most of us think, "well, DUH," the Sheriff's deputy really doesn't think it is a good idea to ignore complaints.  The agreement is that nudists should avoid setting up on the side of the promontory which faces the textile area, or on the very tip of the promontory itself - at least during the peak season.  Historically the tip of the promontory has been the boundary of the clothing optional area, so we aren't losing much space under this agreement.  But I do hope this is not a sign of things to come.  The Ledges has been around for a very long time, and I hate to think it would be closed simply because some newbie Vermont visitors were trying to force their view of how the world should be upon the rest of us.  It would almost be better if the nudists had been doing something actually wrong - but near as we can tell, they weren't.  They were just there, and that was enough.

Weather this coming weekend is currently forecast to be cloudy with showers on Thursday and Friday, but sunny (albeit in the lower 70's) on Saturday and Sunday.  Monday is forecast to be a really nice day with lots of sun in the upper 70's, so I may take a vacation day then.

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